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How we use your feedback

At A2Dominion we routinely collect your feedback. We use this – along with performance and other data – to design and improve our services:

How you said we could improve

"Our repairs take too long"
Turnaround times for repairs have halved over the period April 2016 to October 2017. We are also getting more repairs resolved on a first visit, without the need for a follow-up.

"You are not really a company that I like to have contact with:
- It's not always easy to speak to the right person to get my issue resolved

- It took too long for you to answer my call."

We have restructured how we manage contact, updating our systems, processes and how we recruit and induct our staff.

Front line teams are now resolving 75% of queries on a first call. They are also able to put you through to the right person more easily, if they are unable to help themselves.

You can now get through to our Contact Centre twice as quickly as before and satisfaction levels continue to increase.

"I have to escalate my complaint to get it resolved"
95% of complaints are now resolved without escalation.

"I don’t know what’s happening with my antisocial behaviour issue – I want regular updates."
We now contact you fortnightly if you have a formal case, live and ongoing.

"It would be good to speak to an officer about debt and managing my money"
We increased our specialist Tenancy Sustainment officers to help with debt and financial worries day to day. We also used a survey to identify residents impacted by changes in benefit rules, to identify who wanted help and put them in contact with the team.

93% of customers surveyed said their family or personal circumstances had improved significantly thanks to support from our Tenancy Sustainment Team.

"My quality of life isn’t great."
Our Community Investment and Tenancy Sustainment teams have brought in £5.5 million in extra benefits, grants and charity donations for our customers. 6,408 hours have been worked by our neighbourhood volunteers.

Day to day aftercare

We check you are happy with how we have handled your repairs, complaints and other local services, rectifying issues quickly where needed. For example, customers who worked with us on an antisocial behaviour (ASB) cases asked us to keep in more regular contact with them. As a result we now aim to catch up fortnightly, or less often if the customer prefers. If the Neighbourhood Officer is away whilst handling their case, another officer stays in contact. We also now conduct mid case reviews on live cases to ensure we are doing what we’ve said we will.

Contract management

We monitor the performance of our contractors, working with them to meet and improve service standards.

Service planning

We now target resources at the things that matter the most to customers. For example in 2017 we piloted a new Contact Centre to improve call handling. The pilot was successful and we are now resolving your enquiries more quickly, with fewer transfers between departments and to higher levels of satisfaction. One new project aims to improve the Mutual Exchange process for residents.


To keep information relevant and accessible. Examples include testing changes to Service Charge letters, and redesigning the content and format of the Customer Annual Report.

Bids for external funding

Compiling bids for external funding. This supports local community initiatives, apprenticeships and other opportunities for our customers. Most recently we used customer feedback to successfully bid for £90,000 from Children in Need. This money is now funding sporting activities in Stanwell and Ealing.

Major investment

We want to be able to resolve your enquiries the first time and provide access to the majority of our services via mobile or online in response to customer demand. That’s why we’re investing £20 million into a three-year business programme, Fit for the Future, which will help us to be more responsive to your needs and expectations.

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