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We are committed to improving our environmental sustainability and performance.

As part of our green strategy, we focus on making improvements in five environmental areas:

  • Green governance and culture: adopting and promoting environmentally conscious practices
  • Reduced CO2 emissions: understanding our carbon emissions and where these can be cut
  • Affordable warmth: reducing customers' exposure to extreme fluctuations in fuel prices
  • Sustainable approach to waste, water and purchasing: minimising water use in homes and offices, reducing consumption, reusing and recycling where possible
  • Sustainable land use, enhanced biodiversity and adapting to climate change: mitigating against the detrimental effects the built environment has on nature.

A2Dominion's Green Strategy Group is responsible for the implementation of improvements, supported by a network of 'green champions' to coordinate environmental actions and drive cultural change.

The Group's green strategy and related activities are assessed biennially by Sustainable Homes as part of the Sustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow (SHIFT), an industry specific environmental rating system for housing providers. In 2012, A2Dominion was awarded the Silver status. The award is assessed on governance and culture, offices and business operations, existing stock, and new builds.

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