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Information on selling your home

Like any other homeowner, you may sell your home whenever you want. To make your home available to other people who can't afford to buy outright, we will, for a short time, have the right to find a buyer for your home. We charge a fee for this service. Your lease will say how long we have this right for.

If we are unable to find a buyer within this time, you are free to make your own arrangements to sell your home.

If you decide to sell, we will ask an independent surveyor, approved by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, to value your home. Or, you may want to use your own valuer. If so, they must be approved by the Royal Institute of Surveyors.

The price you sell your share for will be based on this valuation. You will be responsible for paying for the valuation.

Before your property can go up for sale, you will need an Energy Performance Certificate.

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