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Scheme facilities and services

Our housing provides a range of services to ensure your safety, comfort and enjoyment whilst living in your home.

We also offer shared facilities for residents, which can be used at any reasonable time. The running costs are included in the rent and service charge.

Dedicated Scheme Support Officer

Most schemes have a Scheme Support Officer to oversee the services provided. They are the first point of contact for advice and assistance, and provide a professional support service to help you live independently. Scheme Support Officers work with agencies to ensure you receive the coordinated care you need, and will keep you updated on the social and leisure activities available.

Out-of-hours call service

When no Scheme Support Officer is on duty, we provide residents with an out-of-hours service, responding 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Events and activities

We employ a dedicated activities co-ordinator to help run activities and events at your scheme.

Shared lounge

The shared lounge is provided for formal and informal social and recreational activities. The lounge provides a general meeting point for coffee mornings, games evenings and other events. If the lounge is used regularly by other people we will discuss this with your first. You and your families may also be able to hire the lounge for your own events.


The laundry services are exclusively for the use of A2Dominion residents and their personal laundry. To ensure everyone is able to use the laundry there may be a rota system in operation, which your Scheme Support Officer will tell you about.


There is a payphone in each scheme for you to use, should you need to.

Guest rooms

Each scheme has a guest room so friends and relatives can visit. We operate a booking system and there is usually a small charge to cover the costs. If you have guests to stay, you are responsible for ensuring the guest room is left in a clean and tidy condition.

Restaurants and lunch rooms

Most schemes provide a midday meal. Your Scheme Support Officer will provide details of what is available.


The grounds and gardens are provided for the use of all residents. At some schemes we employ a contractor to maintain the areas, at others we directly employ a gardener. You are welcome to cultivate small areas of the garden and may wish to have space for tubs and baskets. Your Scheme Support Officer will help if you want to 'adopt' an area of the garden.

Other facilities

There may be other facilities such as assisted bathrooms, hairdressing, chiropody and so on. Your Scheme Support Officer will tell you what is available at your scheme.

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