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What type of tenancy do I have?

There are several different types of tenancies. Your tenancy agreement will state which type of tenancy you have with us.

Assured tenancies

An assured tenancy is an ongoing agreement that allows you to stay in your home as long as you don't breach the conditions of your tenancy agreement.

Assured short-hold tenancies

Assured short-hold tenancies include:

  • Fixed term: A fixed-term tenancy is usually for five years, but can also be for two years in some cases. We used fixed term tenancies to help us make the best use of the homes we have available for customers.
  • Periodic: This is generally used for shorter-term lettings, for example if you re going to rent a home with us for six months.
  • Starter: If you're a new tenant, you may be given a one-year starter tenancy. We will offer you an assured or fixed-term tenancy at the end of your one year if we're satisfied that you have met your responsibilities as a tenant.
  • Student tenancies
  • NHS accommodation tenancies

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