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Cookies policy

We collect, store and make use of any personal information that you give us, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

In some areas of our website, a cookie may be downloaded to your computer in order for our website to remember you. This way, we can offer you a personalised experience of our website. For example, when you search for a property, we can offer you results that are better suited to your needs. We also use cookies to collect anonymous information about how our website is used as this will help us improve your experience of it. We do not track the way you use any website other than our own.

You can change your web browser settings to notify you before a cookie is downloaded or you can disable cookies altogether. However, disabling cookies may mean that certain content or functionality will not work properly for you. Find out more about cookies and how to manage them in your browser.

The following list shows which cookies we use on our website and what they do:

A2Dominion cookies

Name: smbskt
Purpose: If you register to add properties to your basket on our website, this session cookie stores the properties or schemes you have added to your shortlist.

Name: ident
Purpose : If you decide to register or login for My Alerts in the Shared Ownership Resale and Lettings areas of our website, this cookie allows you to stay logged in as you go from one web page to the next. It stays on your device to remember you when you return to the site, however, you can log out if you don’t want the website to remember you.

Name: identu
Purpose : This cookie makes it easier for you to log in when you return to our website. Your username will automatically appear in the login box and you will just need to enter your password.

Name : polls
Purpose : Sometimes we may have polls on our website. If you decide to vote in a poll, then this cookie is used to remember which polls you have voted in and, in some cases, to show you poll results.

Name : nf-[number]
Purpose : Sometimes we may draw your attention to important information on our website using a pop-up newsflash. If you select 'Do not show again', this cookie stores your preference so that the pop-up newsflash does not appear again.

Name: _ga & _gat
Purpose: These are Google Analytics cookies which tell us if someone is visiting our website for the first time or not.

Name: cookie_control_pop-up
Purpose : When you close down the cookies message on our website, this cookie allows your browser to remember your preference so that next time you visit our website the message doesn't re-appear.

My Account cookies

Purpose: This cookie is used by websites using the .NET technology platform from Microsoft and is usually used to identify a logged-in user so that they can access secure areas of a website.

Name: _RequestVerificationToken
Purpose: This cookie is for security reasons and prevents Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). CSFR is when an attacker forces a logged-in user to perform an important action without their consent or knowledge. The _RequestVerificationToken cookie prevents anybody from forging a link and having it activated by a user.

Name: _ga
Purpose: One of the ways we use Google Analytics is to determine how people are using our website and what links they are clicking on. The analytics.js library within Google Analytics uses a cookie named _ga to identify unique users across browsing sessions.

Name: anonprofile
Purpose: This cookie allows users to access and update information on the following areas of My Account: My Profile, Payments & Statements, Request and Repair, and Track a Repair.

Name: Housecall
Purpose: If you request a repair using our Housecall repairs tool (provided by M3 Housing) and tick the 'Remember Me' box on the form, this cookie stores your personal details so that you do not have to enter them again when you return to make a new repair request. This is a persistent cookie as it stays on your computer or device. Read more information about this cookie.

Third party cookies

Name: _atuvc, _atuvs, uvc, uid, ssh, sshs. ssc, di2, vc, xtc, loc, um
Purpose: The social sharing tool, AddThis, is embedded within our website to allow you to share content with social networks. You can find out more by reading AddThis’ Privacy Policy.

Name: cuvid
Purpose: This is a cookie used by one of our marketing tools to determine when a new user visits our website. It is updated with every new web page a user visits.

Name: cusid
Purpose: This is a cookie used by one of our marketing tools to determine how a particular visitor interacts with our website, for example, when a user visits our website and which pages of our website they visit. This cookie expires when a user pauses on a page on our website for longer than 30 minutes.

Name: cuvon
Purpose: This is a cookie used by one of our marketing tools to determine when a user last viewed one of our web pages.

This Cookie policy was last updated on 24 May 2018.

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