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Care & support

A2Dominion's Care & Support team works in partnership with local authorities and other organisations to deliver excellent services to the most vulnerable and socially excluded individuals in our communities.

All of our services are underpinned by choice, equality and independence.

Click on the links below or view our Care & Support brochure for more information about the types of care and support services we provide.

Accommodation and support for older people

A2Dominion offers housing to older tenants with different levels of support on offer to accommodate individuals as their needs change.

Activities centre for older people

A2Dominion runs the Charles Clore Activities Centre, based in Reading. This day centre provides tailored activities for adults over 60, and those with disabilities over 50 years old. The centre is run by qualified support staff to meet client needs.

Extra care housing

A2Dominion offers extra care housing, providing self-contained accommodation with 24 hour personal contact from a team of trained staff, an alarm system and a range of communal facilities for residents (e.g. hairdressing rooms, lounges and restaurants).

Domiciliary care services

A2Dominion provides domiciliary care services to older people who live in their own homes in the community.

Young people accommodation, support and foyers

A2Dominion provides specialised accommodation and support to vulnerable young people aged 16 to 24. These services can accommodate people from all walks of life including care leavers.

Young parent accommodation and support

A2Dominion has a number of services for young parents and their children. These are intended to be short term services for up to two years.

Domestic violence refuges and outreach services

A2Dominion offers refuges for people fleeing domestic violence, providing a safe house and a confidential service for clients to rediscover freedom of choice and self-esteem.

Physical and learning disability accommodation and support

A2Dominion offers accommodation-based support for people with physical or learning disabilities. These are long-term services for people who require a home for life.

Hostels for homeless people

A2Dominion provides homeless hostel services. This is usually linked with accommodation, however some services are accessible to non-residents.

Floating support and outreach services for people in their own homes

A2Dominion provides floating support and outreach services to individuals, couples or families, aiming to help people to live independently. Floating support services are provided free of charge and are generally intended to be short term services offering support for up to two years. These services can be accessed by people who are homeless, in rented accommodation or even by people who own their own home. We offer floating support in Winchester, Ealing, Reading and Staines.


For more information about our care and support services, please contact: careandsupport@a2dominion.co.uk

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