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Will you evict my neighbour if they've breached their tenancy agreement?

We'll only take legal action to evict a customer as a last resort, usually only once we have tried to resolve the antisocial behaviour (ASB) issue in every other way possible. Only in very extreme cases of ASB will we try to evict a customer straight away.

Most ASB problems are resolved by early intervention work. This can include warning letters and meetings with the perpetrators (person or people causing the issue) to resolve the issue and address any underlying problems or support needs. We may need to support the perpetrator to change their behaviour and will work with them to sort out the problem.

We work in partnership with other agencies to resolve ASB issues, such as Environmental Health Teams and the Police, who can put in place legal measures including noise abatement notices, seizing noise equipment, antisocial behaviour orders (ASBOs) and injunctions.


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