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What standards can I expect from my new home?

We believe that before you move into your home, it should meet certain standards.

Before you move in, we'll carry out any work that is needed to meet these standards.

Please note: these standards only apply to our affordable rented properties. For other properties, including supported, temporary, NHS and disabled-adapted accommodation, the standards may be slightly different. We'll explain this when you view the property.


  • All homes will be fitted with smoke alarms
  • All homes will have low-energy light bulbs
  • We'll clean the property, including: sweeping and cleaning floors, cleaning the kitchen units and worktops and cleaning the bathroom and toilet
  • We'll check for any asbestos and deal with it safely and correctly
  • We'll carry out an assessment of the property and remove any fixtures or fittings that could pose a risk
  • We'll check the plumbing and make sure there are no leaks
  • We'll leave you a welcome pack in your new home.


You're responsible for decorating the inside of your home. To help you do this, we may give you decorating vouchers for Dulux or Homebase, depending on the condition of your property. Dulux offer a delivery service for residents who don't drive or are disabled.


  • We'll redecorate the kitchen
  • Wall tiling will be undamaged and we'll replace any cracked or chipped tiles
  • Each kitchen will have at least two matching base units and two double wall units
  • The sink and draining board will be clean and in good working order
  • Taps will work and won't leak
  • We'll try to provide both a gas and an electric cooker point, if possible
  • We won't connect appliances such as cookers or washing machines. It is your responsibility to arrange for these to be connected by a qualified engineer.


We'll make sure there is a TV aerial socket in the lounge, or a socket for the communal aerial to allow you to fit your own TV aerial.


  • We'll decorate the bathroom
  • Wall tiling will be undamaged and we will replace any cracked or chipped tiles
  • If the property doesn't have a shower, we'll fit one
  • All showers will have a shower curtain and chrome shower rails
  • We'll make sure all sinks and baths have a plug
  • We'll replace toilet seats
  • The toilet, bath and sinks will be clean and undamaged
  • We'll check the stopcocks and label them if possible.

Heating and mains services

  • We'll carry out gas and electricity safety checks to make sure that the heating systems, electrics and appliances are safe and working
  • Where this is gas, we'll give you an up-to-date gas safety certificate for the property. Please note this is a safety check, not an annual services. We'll contact you when your annual service is due.


  • We'll put child-proof restrictors on all windows on the first floor or above
  • There will be no broken panes when you move in
  • All windows that are designed to open will do easily


  • Front doors will open and close easily and will not be damaged
  • We'll fit a security spy hole to solid doors that do not have windows
  • We'll change the locks and redecorate the front doors of our affordable rented properties
  • All inside doors will open and close easily and won't be damaged
  • All inside doors will be in good working order.


  • If the carpets and vinyl are in bad condition, we'll remove the carpets and we'll replace the vinyl with non-slip flooring in the kitchen and bathroom
  • We'll remove ceramic floor tiles and replace them with non-slip flooring in the kitchen and bathroom.

Walls and ceilings

  • Walls and ceilings must be clean, undamaged, flat and free from graffiti
  • We'll remove polystyrene ceiling from all rooms
  • We'll remove torn wallpaper.


  • We'll remove all rubbish and trim the grass
  • We'll inspect fencing for damage and will replace panels if necessary
  • We'll remove sheds and other garden structures, unless they're in good condition
  • We'll remove all greenhouses
  • We'll make any lose paving slabs safe.


We'll make sure garage doors work properly.


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