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What should I do if a fire breaks out in my block or home?

  1. Treat it seriously; don’t assume it is a false alarm.
  2. Every flat is fitted with fire-resistant doors, so any fire can be contained for at least 30 minutes, which is enough time for the fire service to be called and arrive at the building.

If you live in a house or flat and there is a fire in your own home

  1. Warn everyone living with you and get them out. Close the windows and door behind you. Warn your immediate neighbours if it is safe to do this
  2. Leave the building using the staircase – don't use the lift
  3. Find a safe place and dial 999

If there is a fire outside your home in a communal area such as a corridor

  1. It is usually safer to stay where you're until you can be evacuated. Block the bottom of doorways with blankets or coats to keep smoke out, stay low and get to a window, either opening it or breaking it if it won’t open
  2. Keep the door shut and dial 999 if you have a phone
  3. If smoke or flames enter your home, leave at once and close the door behind you.

Calling the fire service:

  1. Dial 999 and ask for the fire service
  2. Give the phone number you are calling from and your full address
  3. Tell the fire service where the fire is, for example in the kitchen
  4. Tell them if anyone is trapped
  5. If you live in a flat, tell them which floor the fire is on.

Don't hang up until the fire service has told you to, and don't try to go back into your home.


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