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What if I’m not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint?

Complaints about rent and service charges

If you're not satisfied with our response and your complaint is about a rent dispute or service charge, we may pass your complaint to the First-tier Tribunal. This is a government body set up to decide on these types of complaints. If this happens, we'll send you more information at the time.

Other complaints

If you're not satisfied with our initial (Stage 1) response, please let us know as soon as possible and we will automatically escalate your complaint to Stage 2.

Please note: we can only respond to complaints from non-residents at Stage 1 of the complaints process.

When you tell us that you want us to escalate your complaint, we'll arrange one of more of the following actions:

  • A review of our investigation into your complaint by a service director to make sure we have followed the correct procedure
  • A Remote Review Panel hearing - you don't have to come along to this meeting
  • A Review Panel hearing.

If we escalate your complaint to a review by a service director, we'll aim to tell you our findings within 30 working days of you telling us you want to take your complaint to this stage.

If we escalate your complaint to a Remote Review Panel hearing or a standard Review Panel hearing, we'll aim to provide a final decision in writing within 56 calendar days of receiving a complaint, unless a later deadline has been agreed.

The review panel is made up of a combination of:

  • an A2Dominion Customer Insight Panel member
  • an A2Dominion Executive Director
  • an A2Dominion independent service director

Complainants are free to decide whether or not to attend the review panel. If not in attendance, the panel will simply reach a decision based on the written evidence provided.

At Stage 2, we'll review the actions taken by staff throughout the complaints process. This is to make sure we have followed our policies and procedures and address the substance of the complaint and review any actions taken by staff in order to learn lessons from the complaint. We will ensure that your complaint is fully and fairly investigated. If you attend a panel review, you may bring a friend or colleague with you.

What if I'm still not satisfied?

If you have gone through our complaints procedure but remain unhappy, you have the right to ask for your complaint to be considered by a designated person. A designated person can be an MP, councillor or residents' panel. Their role is to try to resolve a complaint in one of two ways:

If you don't want your complaint to be considered by a designated person you may contact the Housing Ombudsman Service. The Housing Ombudsman Service will normally expect you to have gone through all stages of A2Dominion’s complaints procedure and have waited at least eight weeks before contacting them unless you're referred straight to them by a designated person.

The Housing Ombudsman Service is an independent body set up to provide a free and fair way of dealing with complaints against housing organisations. You can contact them by email, by phone on 0300 111 3000 or by writing to Housing Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London E14 9GE.

The Group will fully cooperate with the Ombudsman Service during any investigation and comply fully with the final determination, including any orders.

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