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What are planned and major works?

Planned and major works involve maintenance and replacements that aren't urgent, but are part of a very important planned programme of work. They include:

  • Repainting painted surfaces in shared areas outside your building
  • Redecorating shared areas inside your building
  • Roof replacement
  • Outside door or window replacement
  • Repairs to foundations
  • Brickwork on outside walls
  • Boundaries such as fences or walls
  • Maintaining hard surfaces, such as concrete paving.

If you're a tenant, planned works may also include:

  • kitchen replacement
  • boiler replacement
  • bathroom replacement

If you're a homeowner, we'll usually consult with you about the details of the work, our choice of contractors and the total cost of the work before we carry out any planned works. For more information about ways to pay your major works bill, please contact us or complete this form and return to us.

Keeping our homes in good condition is a large operation. We plan our programme of work several years ahead, taking into account which areas need redecoration or improvement the most, and how we can use the money available in the most cost-effective way. Before we're due to carry out planned work in your area, we'll write to you.

For more information about planned major works for your home over the next five to 10 years, including planned kitchen, bathroom and boiler replacements, please contact us.


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