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What are my rights and responsibilities as a tenant?

This is a summary of the main rights and responsibilities set out in your tenancy agreement.

Your rights

You can stay in your home for the length of your tenancy as long as you keep to the conditions of your tenancy agreement.

Rent and service charge

  • You're responsible for paying the rent and any other charges under your tenancy agreement. This can include a service charge, which covers the cost of maintaining items such as door entry systems and for cleaning and gardening in shared areas
  • Customers who claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit are responsible for providing the Government with information to make sure their claim is up-to-date and in payment.

Using your home

We want you to enjoy your home, but there are certain things that you, your family and your visitors must not do in our property. These include damaging or putting graffiti on our property, and running a business from your home without our permission.

There are also some things that you, your family and your visitors must do:

  • You must keep your home clean, and redecorate when needed
  • You must allow our staff or representatives to come into your home to carry out any inspections or repairs, and to carry out an annual gas safety check
  • You must keep your home free from vermin, such as mice
  • If you have a garage provided by us, you may only use this for vehicles. You must not store other personal items in garages.

We're only responsible for insuring the structure of your home against loss or damage as a result of fire and other risks. We don't insure your personal possessions. You should therefore arrange your own contents insurance to protect your possessions.

The area around your home

  • You must not put or store goods in the shared areas, as this causes a fire risk
  • You must not put up any buildings, such as sheds or garages, anywhere on your property without our permission
  • If you have your own garden, you must keep it neat and tidy
  • You must not throw anything from a window or balcony
  • You must not carry out any major car repairs or park illegal or broken-down vehicles on the land around your home or on the road.

Nuisance and harassment

All our tenants have the right to enjoy life in their own way as long as they don’t disturb the people living near them.

You're responsible for the behaviour of every person living in or visiting your home, including in shared areas.

You, your family and your visitors must not disturb or cause a nuisance or annoyance to any other person including your neighbours and our staff, agents or contractors.

Examples of nuisance and harassment include:

  • Using or threatening to use violence
  • Using abusive, racist or insulting words or behaviour
  • Damaging or threatening to damage another person’s home or belongings
  • Writing threatening or abusive graffiti
  • Loud music that causes a disturbance to neighbours.

Domestic abuse

You must not harass or use mental, emotional, sexual or financial abuse against anyone who lives with you.

We'll consult with you about any planned maintenance and improvement work that we intend to carry out on your home.


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