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What action can A2Dominion take over noise nuisance?

When a customer signs their tenancy agreement, one of the conditions they agree to states that they will not cause a nuisance to their neighbours, or allow any visitors to their home that cause a nuisance to their neighbours. If someone is breaking the conditions of their tenancy agreement, we can take action against them if we have proof.

If you report an incident of noise nuisance, we may:

  1. Visit your neighbour or write to them about their behaviour
  2. Install noise monitoring equipment so we can understand the frequency of the disturbance
  3. Speak to other neighbours to see if they are affected by the nuisance too
  4. Ask you to complete ‘incident diary forms’ to record when and how you're affected
  5. Refer you to an independent mediator
  6. Work with other agencies, such as the police or social services
  7. Try to get an injunction against your neighbour. This is a court order that allows the police to act if your neighbour keeps making a noise. We'll need to have good evidence before we can do this
  8. Consider taking your neighbour to court to get an eviction order. This will only happen if we have enough evidence to take the case to court.

You may find it difficult to tell us about the problems you're having, especially if your neighbour is aggressive. We promise you that any information you give us will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

What action can the council take?

Your local council will have an Environmental Health Department. They may be able to investigate noise complaints directly. They will only be able to do this however, if the noise is classed as ‘statutory nuisance’. This is serious noise that interferes with your life and affects you enjoying living in your home.

The council can:

  • Give you practical advice about dealing with the problem
  • Lend you noise-measuring or recording equipment
  • Write to your neighbour to ask them to stop causing a nuisance
  • Give your neighbour a ‘noise abatement notice’ telling them to stop, or to limit their noise to certain times of the day
  • Gather evidence for us to use if we take action against your neighbour.

What action can the police take?

If you suspect that there is criminal behaviour taking place, such as drug dealing or physical violence, you should contact the police.


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