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Student code of conduct

We're committed to making sure all residents enjoy a peaceful and comfortable stay at our student accommodation. It is important that you understand the code of conduct:

  • You and your visitors must treat staff, fellow students and visitors with consideration and courtesy at all times
  • You have a wider duty to the community around you. You mustn't cause a nuisance or disturbance to people living or working near your home
  • You mustn't slam doors, inside or outside
  • You mustn't play loud music
  • You mustn't use loud or abusive language
  • You and your visitors may not smoke in any of our buildings. There are designated smoking areas within the grounds and you should dispose of cigarette butts in the bins provided.
  • You must never use illegal substances in the accommodation. If we suspect that you are using or dealing drugs, we will report you to the police
  • You mustn't bring in any furniture or furnishings that do not meet our fire and safety regulations
  • You may only have overnight visitors for two nights at a time, and you must tell all the members of your flat about any visitors. You're responsible for the behaviour of your guests while they are staying with you
  • You must buy your own television licence if you have a television in your room.

If you break any of these rules during your stay, you may be asked to leave your accommodation.


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