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Our policy on antisocial behaviour

We're committed to taking action against antisocial behaviour (ASB) and harassment. We'll offer advice and support to anyone who reports it. We'll also contact you when the situation is resolved to see how satisfied you were with the way we dealt with it. If we don't have the evidence or the power to resolve your situation, and are therefore unable to resolve your complaint, we'll provide you with advice.

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you're responsible for the behaviour of people living with you or visiting your property. If your visitors cause a nuisance or annoyance to other customers living in your area, your tenancy may be at risk.

If you know someone who lives with you or visits your property is causing ASB, you must take reasonable steps to resolve this by asking them to stop. If you fail to resolve the ASB issue, we may consider taking action against you and your tenancy, and you may lose your home.


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