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I'm suffering from domestic abuse, how can A2Dominion support?

If you've left, or are thinking of leaving your home due to domestic abuse, we can help and support you. Your Neighbourhood Officer will be able to give you confidential advice about your housing options. We'll:

  • Give you back your freedom of choice by telling you what your options are, and giving you advice so that you can make your own decisions
  • Refer you to other agencies that can offer more specialist advice and support, and if they need us to we'll work with them to help you. We'll only involve other agencies with your permission
  • Arrange for you to talk to a member of staff somewhere private and safe. If we can, we'll arrange for the member of staff to be the same sex or ethnic origin as you, if you feel more comfortable with this
  • Provide an interpreter when we meet you, if you need one
  • Urgently repair any damage caused to your home. If you want to stay in your home, we'll provide extra security if needed
  • Tell you your choices if you want to go to a place of safety. We'll work with other agencies to find temporary accommodation for you
  • Take action to remove the abuser from the property, if you have left your home
  • Keep in regular contact with you.

To set up a confidential meeting with your Neighbourhood Officer to get more advice on your housing options, please contact us.


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