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I'm a shared owner, how do you calculate how much rent I pay?

Your initial rent will depend on the value of your property and the percentage you own.

Your shared ownership rent usually increases each year by the percentage stated in your lease, plus inflation as set by the Retail Price Index (RPI). This is the rate the Government thinks the cost of goods and services have increased by in the previous year, such as the price of milk and bread. As a shared owner, you pay rent as well as your mortgage repayments. This may also include ground rent.

You'll usually only start to pay ground rent when you own 100% of your home. However, if we don't own the freehold to your block or estate, we may have to pay ground rent to the freeholder. In this case, we'll usually recover the amount we pay on your behalf along with the other charges you owe us.

Your lease tells you the amount of ground rent you have to pay and how often you make payments. You can also view your current balance and statement whenever you like, online via My Account.


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