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I live in NHS accommodation, what are my repair responsibilities?

As your landlord, we're responsible for most repairs to A2Dominion owned property, fixtures and fittings. However, we're not responsible for repairs that have been caused by malicious or non-accidental damage. These are ‘rechargeable repairs’ that you can pay us to do.

To request a repair, please contact your accommodation office.

Your responsibilities

You're responsible for the following types of repair:

  • Damage caused by overflows from baths, sinks, wash-hand basins and washing machines
  • Damage caused by leaks from baths, sinks, wash-hand basins, toilets and baths which appear to have been broken through misuse
  • Furniture, fixtures and fittings, including kitchen units, that have been removed or damaged
  • Condensation damage caused by deliberately blocked air vents, the use of paraffin or bottled gas heaters that aren't allowed, or other misuse of your home
  • Damage caused by breaking in – unless this is due to criminal damage, which you should report to the police. You must give us a copy of the crime reference number which the police will give to you
  • Damage caused to decorations or your belongings by fire or smoke.

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