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How do I report a problem on my estate?

We believe that the quality of the area where you live is just as important as the home you live in. This is why we're committed to making our schemes and estates places where you're proud and happy to live.

An estate issue is a problem with the shared areas where you live, including communal gardens. Examples are problems with littering, tree maintenance or pests.

It's quicker and easier to report an issue on your estate using My Account. You can also report an issue on your estate by calling us on 0800 432 0077.

If you live in our student or NHS accommodation, please contact your accommodation office.

Some of our estates and schemes are managed for us by managing agents. These agents are responsible for arranging and running the services described above. If you live in one of these schemes, we will tell you when you move in and give you contact details and information on the level of service you can expect.

You must contact the managing agent if you have any questions or concerns that you want to report. Sometimes you'll pay your service charges directly to your managing agents and sometimes directly to us (this varies between different residents and schemes). We'll let you know about this when you move in.

Report an estate issue using My Account


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