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How can I report antisocial behaviour?

It's quicker and easier to report antisocial behaviour (ASB) using My Account.

If you can't use My Account, you can also report ASB via our website.

  • If you want to speak to us about ASB, please call us on 0800 432 0077
  • You can also report ASB by texting 07537 401858. Start the text with your name, flat or home number and postcode. Standard text message rates for your provider apply.

If you're affected by noise during the night, you should contact your local council's Environmental Health Team. They can monitor the noise and tell us if we can take legal action against the person doing it.

What else should I do?

It is important you keep a record of any incidents so we can use it to measure and monitor the ASB, which will help us decide what action we can take. An incident diary is a good way for you to note the dates and times when the ASB happens. You can download an incident diary form. Please complete the form each time you experience antisocial behaviour.

The diary is also very important if we decide to take legal action against the perpetrators. We'll need to use this information to show the court the extent and seriousness of the problem. The quality of the information you keep in the diary is vital in whether we succeed or not if the matter is referred to court, so it’s important you write as much as detail as possible about each incident.

I think my neighbours are also affected. How can you help encourage my neighbours to make reports?

Depending on the nature of the ASB complaint, we'll:

  • Distribute an incident diary to any customer affected
  • Carry out door-to-door visits with external agencies to reassure customers and collect more information, such as the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • Write to neighbours telling them we are investigating an ASB incident and to ask them to contact us if they have any information they would like to give us.

Work with external agencies to find out who is responsible for causing the ASB problem and to work together in resolving the issue, such as Environmental Health teams and the police.

Report ASB using My Account.


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