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How can I prevent mould and condensation in my home?

Prevention is better than cure. Taking these simple steps could prevent condensation that may turn into mould:

  • Background heating - if you're at home, leave the heating on a low temperature setting, ideally 19 to 21 degrees Celsius. This means you're keeping your home at a constant warm temperature so the chance of moisture finding a cold surface will be reduced. By doing this, your boiler will work more efficiently and therefore won’t cost as much as it would if you heated your home from a cold temperature each time you turned on your boiler
  • Ventilation - close doors and open windows slightly wider when you're cooking, washing or bathing, as this will remove moisture from the room and help prevent moisture from travelling throughout the property. All bathrooms and kitchens are fitted with an extractor fan. Make sure the vents are clean and clear of clutter, and that the fans are switched on when you're using these rooms
  • Cooking - cover pans when cooking if possible to minimise steam and moisture moving around the property
  • Drying wet clothes - if you're drying wet clothes and laundry indoors, put them in a room with an extractor fan, open the window and keep the door closed
  • Storage - avoid overfilling cupboards and wardrobes, and leave a space between outside walls and furniture
  • Mornings - in bedrooms in the morning, you may see that condensation has formed on the inside of windows. Where possible, leave the bedroom window slightly open as this should help prevent condensation from forming. If you're unable to leave the bedroom window open, then simply wipe off the condensation with a dry cloth and wring the cloth out in the sink to help prevent mould forming.

To prevent and control mould, you must try to keep your home well ventilated. You're responsible for keeping your home in good order.

For more information about preventing mould and condensation, visit your local council's website.


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