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How can I keep my home secure?

You can help keep your home safe and secure by:

  • closing your windows and doors at night and when you go out
  • checking the identity of callers before letting them in
  • closing shared doors, such as the front door
  • using plug-in timers for lamps
  • don't put keys under the doormat outside your front door
  • keep spare door keys in a safe place or with a trusted neighbour
  • don't leave garden tools outside.

Home emergency plan

We recommend that you have an emergency plan in case of an accident or to escape from your home in case of a fire or other emergency. Go through the plan with others living with you so that everyone knows what to do and who to contact in an emergency. Things to consider include:

  • planning an escape route and making sure all exits are always clear
  • producing a list of who needs to escape and where they are at the time
  • producing a list of who to contact in an emergency, such as the Police, Fire Service, Ambulance service, and gas and electricity suppliers as well as other useful contacts, such as your doctor, family and friends
  • producing a list of passport numbers, driving licences, and bank details in case personal documents are stolen.

Keep personal documents in a safe place so they're easily accessible in emergencies. We advise you keep photocopies of them in a separate place.

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