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Do I need to tell you if I'm re-mortgaging my home?

What kind of agreement do you have with us?

Own 100% of my home (I’m a leaseholder):

Yes - If you're the sole owner of your home and you wish to re-mortgage, either you or your solicitor will need to serve us with a notice of charge. Please note, we'll charge you a fee for this service.

Own part of my home (I’m a shared owner):

If you're a shared owner and you wish to change mortgage companies, you must obtain our consent before you can change lender.

To request consent for a re-mortgage, please send us:

  • A copy of the new mortgage offer, which should include the current valuation of your property
  • Details of your current mortgage provider.

A cheque for £126 (including VAT) to cover our fee for processing your request, made out to A2Dominion Group Limited.

For more information, or to speak to us about re-mortgaging your home, please contact us.

Once we receive all necessary information from you we will prepare a Consent to Re-mortgage notice, and have it approved and sealed. Once approved, we will send the sealed notice to you or your solicitor.


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