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Do I have buildings insurance?

If you're a leaseholder or shared owner with A2Dominion, we're usually responsible for arranging building insurance for your home under the terms of your lease.

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your building against major accidents or disasters. Whether we're responsible for providing this on your behalf depends on your tenure and property type.

If you're a tenant, shared owner or leaseholder living in a property where we own the freehold, we have a buildings insurance policy that covers your building.

We'll also arrange this if our lease tells us we must, even where we don’t own the freehold. In some cases, although we are the freeholder, there may be a managing agent appointed who will arrange the insurance.

If you're a former shared owner of a house and now fully own the freehold to your property, you'll be responsible for arranging your own buildings insurance cover.

The building insurance we provide covers major accidents or disasters such as:

  • fires and lightning
  • explosions and earthquakes
  • impacts (such as from an aircraft)
  • riots, civil commotions and malicious acts
  • theft
  • storms, flooding and overflowing water tanks and pipes
  • oil escaping from fixed heating installations
  • subsidence, landslips and heave

Damage caused by the following incidents are not covered by our policy:

  • wear and tear
  • wet or dry rot, rust or corrosion
  • vermin, insects, damp or mildew
  • storms or flood damage to hedges, patios, paths and rivers
  • collapses from faulty design, workmanship or materials
  • pressure from waves from aircraft travelling at or above the speed of sound
  • contamination by radioactivity
  • wars or acts of terrorism

Your home won't be covered if there has been a landslip or heave which has been caused by the coast or river wearing away the land. Damage caused to the building by water leaks from washing machines and other appliances is covered by the buildings insurance policy, but the cost to repair the cause of the leak isn’t. Any damage to your contents will not be covered, unless you have arranged your own contents insurance.

Please note the information here offers guidance only. For specific information relating to your home, please read your tenancy agreement or lease, or contact us. There are some cases where even though we (A2Dominion) are your landlord, we'll also have a landlord. Where this is the case, our landlord may be responsible for insuring the building.


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