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  • Student code of conduct
    We're committed to making sure all residents enjoy a peaceful and comfortable stay at our student accommodation. It is important that you...
  • Code of conduct for contractors
    We're committed to providing a high-quality service, working with our contractors. All our contractors work to an agreed code of conduct...
  • Repairs and maintenance
    We provide a repairs and maintenance service to our customers. Our repairs service and responsibilities are different for tenants and...
  • How do I apply for Universal Credit?
    If you're going to claim or call us on 0800 432 0077 and ask to speak to your Tenancy Sustainment Officer. They can offer practical...
  • Will I be affected by Universal Credit?
    urgently to let us know your claim or payment date so that we can give you advice and help you set up a Direct Debit. Please call us on...
  • What is Universal Credit?
    Since 2013, the Government has been making changes to the way benefits are paid, including introducing on the GOV.UK website...

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