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Can I sublet my home?

What kind of agreement do you have with us?

Own 100% of my home (I’m a leaseholder):

Yes - If you own 100% of your home, you're free to sublet it, unless your lease advises otherwise.

If you do decide to sublet your home, please note that you'll be responsible for your tenants, and for making sure they abide by the terms of your lease. You must also give us your correspondence address and contact information if you are not living in the property.

Own part of my home (I’m a shared owner):

No - If you are a shared owner, you aren't permitted to sublet your home, due to government funding requirements.

If a shared owner sublets their home, it will be considered illegal subletting and could result in criminal prosecution.

Rent my home from A2Dominion (I’m a tenant):

No - You can't sublet the whole of your home.

If you sublet your home, you'll have broken your tenancy agreement and may be prosecuted, as illegal subletting is a criminal offence.

Residents who illegally sub-let their home deprive families who are most in need of the chance of a suitable home. They do this by renting out their entire home to other people or not using their home as their main residence anymore. This also costs local councils, us and ultimately you a lot of money.

When we’re told that someone may be illegally subletting their home, we investigate the claim. If we find out that person is committing housing fraud, they could lose their tenancy. This will free up a home for a family in need.

Do you suspect someone near you is subletting their home illegally? If so, you can report illegal subletting using our form or call us.


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