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Can I report antisocial behaviour anonymously?

Even though it may be hard to find out if an ASB report is real or fake, we'll deal with all anonymous reports as normal. If you choose to report ASB anonymously, we'll not be able be contact you if we need more information or to let you know what we have done. This may affect the amount of evidence we can collect for a case.

Does my neighbour have to know it's me who has complained?

We'll treat your case confidentially and will consult with you before sharing any information you give us with others. Occasionally, we may need to share information with agencies without asking for your permission. For example, in certain situations we may need to contact Social Services. We keep all your information securely and in line with the relevant laws, such as the Data Protection Act 2018.

We'll try to maintain anonymity of any complainants who don't wish for their identity to be disclosed to the alleged perpetrator. However, we may not have control over the identification of a complainant if:

  • the perpetrator guesses who the complainant is
  • the complainant’s identity is disclosed during the legal process.

We'll discuss any action we would like to take with you before we proceed with the case to make sure you feel comfortable with what we're suggesting.

Please note: If you wish to report a complaint to us anonymously, we will investigate the matter but we will not be able to update you on the progress of your case as we would with identified complainants.

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