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Can I keep pets in my home?

You need to get our permission before you can keep a pet, unless it is an assistance dog.

If you're a tenant…

Please contact us to request a pet permission form to be sent to you. When we receive your form, we'll look at the information you have given us and we may also visit your home to see if it is suitable for the needs of the pet you’d like to keep. We'll then write to you to let you know if we give you our permission to keep a pet.

We won't allow you to have a pet if:

  • Your tenancy agreement doesn't allow it. For example, we don't allow dogs to live in flats without a private garden
  • There have been issues with you keeping a pet before
  • The pet you would like is not suitable for your home. We'll ask the RSPCA or another professional animal organisation for advice. The welfare of the pet will always come first
  • It wouldn't normally be kept in the home. For example, farm animals like sheep, goats or pigs
  • It is a breed of dog that is banned under the Dangerous Dog Acts of 1991 and 2006
  • The pet you would like is listed under the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act and you don’t have a licence for it.

If you're a homeowner…

Many leases don't allow pets within our properties, particularly within blocks of flats. Please check your lease in the first instance.

If you do want a pet, you'll need our written permission. To request this, email us at

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