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Can I have a lodger in my home?

A lodger is someone who lives in your home but doesn't have full use of any part of your house, apart from their bedroom.

Please look through the following options to see whether you can have a lodger:

Own 100% of my home (I’m a leaseholder):

Yes - If you own 100% of your home, you are free to take in a lodger, unless your lease advises otherwise.

If you do decide to take in a lodger, you'll be responsible for them, and for making sure they abide by the terms of your lease.

Own part of my home (I’m a shared owner):

Information coming soon...

Rent my home from A2Dominion (I’m a tenant):

You may take in a lodger as long as:

  • You have our written permission – contact us if you’d like to request permission
  • Your home doesn't become overcrowded as a result (your tenancy agreement tells you how many people are allowed to live in your home)
  • You tell us the name, gender, and age of any lodgers, and you tell us which bedroom they will have.

If you have a starter or assured short-hold tenancy, you aren't allowed to sublet any part of your home or take in a lodger.

It is your responsibility to tell your local Housing Benefit office that you have a lodger in your home. If you receive Universal Credit, you should also inform the Department for Work and Pensions.

If we have given you permission to have a lodger, you will be responsible for their behaviour. If you ask your lodger to leave and they won’t, you will need a court order to evict them.

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