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Leasehold consultation documents

Cyclical and other major works

Additional information - Cyclical and other major works (PDF, 26KB)

Covering letter - Cyclical works (PDF, 26KB)

Cyclical and Major Works S20 cover letter FAQ (Dec 12) (PDF, 24KB)

Draft contract cyclical works (Jan 13) (PDF, 44KB)

Draft contract planned works (Jan 13) (PDF, 197KB)

Feedback form - Cyclical works (PDF, 186KB)

Landlord's Proposal - Cyclical works (Dec 12) (PDF, 171KB)

Landlord's Proposal - Planned & major works (Dec 12) (PDF, 136KB)

Landlord's S20 Notice - Cyclical works & decorations (Dec 12) (PDF, 219KB)

Landlord's S20 Notice - Major & planned works (Dec 12) (PDF, 229KB)

Notice of intention - Cyclical works (PDF, 953KB)

Planned works window replacement costings (Jan 13) (PDF, 39 KB)

Reply form - Cyclical and planned consultation (Dec 12) (PDF, 41.5KB)

Riverside Close - Cyclical works tender analysis (Feb 13) (PDF, 449KB)

Statement of requirements - Cyclical and other major works (Dec 12) (PDF, 3,657KB)

Summary of observations - Cyclical and other major works (January 2012) (PDF, 1,735KB)

Water Hygiene

Section 20 notice and cover letter (July 2009)

Section 20 information booklet (June 2009)

Water Hygiene procurement report

Water Hygiene summary of observations (June 14)

Ebbett Court lift replacement

Notice of intention - Ebbett Court lift replacement

Specification for lift replacement - Ebbett Court

Ebbett Court lift replacement tender - Axis

Ebbett Court lift replacement tender - PIP

Ebbett Court lift replacement tender - Temple

We always try to give you information which is full and clear, in addition to the notices we must provide you by law. If you feel the information we have provided in the notices, their covering letters or any additional information that is available here, is not clear, please send us an email to customer.services@a2dominion.co.uk. If you would like to talk to someone, please call us on 0800 432 0077.

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