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Digital DIY: Equipping A2Dominion customers for the digital age

3 Digital DIY attendees


A2Dominion customers are supporting each other to get online and develop the digital skills essential for the twenty-first century.

Over the last year, nearly 600 people have attended A2Dominion’s ‘Digital DIY’ computer and internet lessons at Ealing Central Library.

“I was a complete novice,” admitted Jenny Grant, a regular attendee of the programme. “Before coming I’d never owned a computer or even switched one on!”

The online interactive programme enables learners to go at their own pace and learn a range of skills, from how to use a mouse to ordering shopping and paying bills online.

“I am trying to build my confidence, week by week.” Another regular attendee, Susan Duah said.

Jenny, who sits next to Susan at the sessions, said: “We always help each other out if we are struggling.”

Essential to the ongoing success of ‘Digital DIY’ are our dedicated ‘Digital Champions’, who are also A2Dominion customers.

Jane Clarke has been a ‘Digital Champion’ for two years and finds the volunteering hugely rewarding.

“Sometimes members of the class find it all a bit daunting and wonder if they will ever get used to computers, but it is so rewarding to see them slowly gain confidence and to witness their pleasure when they realise that they can do it!”

A2Dominion’s commitment to digital inclusion with its emphasis on customers helping each other has been widely praised. Leading digital charity, The Tinder Foundation, commented:

“It’s heartening to see a social landlord, who, through actions, puts their tenants and the wider community at the heart of what they do.”

“Of particular interest is A2Dominion’s network of digital champions who make sure that learners have the support they need, when they need it.”

Learn more about the programme.

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