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A2Dominion turns employer for resident Dunia Neama

Dunia Neama at work


Not many people can say their landlord doubles up as their employer, yet one A2Dominion resident, Dunia Neama, who began working for A2Dominion Group last month, can claim exactly that.

The 35 year old Northolt resident had been unemployed for a number of years when she decided to seek help from A2Dominion’s dedicated Employment and Enterprise Team, who assigned her an employment advisor to provide the vital support and assistance she needed to get on the career ladder.

After an initial consultation with her mentor, Dunia was offered a work placement within the Property Services Department at A2Dominion. A total of 70 placements were pledged across the business for unemployed residents as part of an initiative by the Community Investment Team.

From the start, Dunia impressed her placement manager and the Team Leader of Property Services, Tracey Nicholas, who said of her: “Dunia’s willingness to learn about the business, her flexibility to adapt to change and her passion for providing great customer service quickly saw her perform well.”

Dunia gained a wide range of skills and experience which made her “work confident and work ready”, according to Tracey. In fact she made such a good impression that she was offered a full-time position as a Property Services Assistant in April, Dunia recalls: “I remember saying to my husband the evening before the offer, I really want this job.”

Dunia believes that none of this would have been possible without her employment advisor Dennis, who works in the Employment and Enterprise Team at A2Dominion: “He has been amazing, so approachable and friendly.”

Heather David, A2Dominion’s Head of Community Investment, said: “The Employment and Enterprise Team at A2Dominion is a lifeline for so many residents. Our specialist knowledge, network of partners and tailored support has resulted in 43 residents finding employment in the past year.”

We wish Dunia the best of luck with her future career.

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