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How we manage your services


Have you noticed the charges ‘Administration Fees’, ‘Management Fee’ or ‘Examination Fee’ on your service charge estimate, but you’re not sure what it means? Here, we go into more detail about who pays these charges and what services they cover.

As you will see on your estimate, you pay for a number of different services which help to keep your communal areas in good condition. We hire contractors to carry out these services on our behalf.

It is important to us that we know how our contractors are doing and that they are providing our customers with a satisfying level of service. To do this properly, we have staff who dedicate their time to managing our estates and monitoring our contractors’ services. This helps us to make sure our customers’ neighbourhoods are being looked after.

Administration fee (tenants)

We charge tenants an administration fee. This covers the costs of monitoring and managing services we provide to your communal areas, such as grounds maintenance and lift servicing. The cost of the administration fee is usually 15% of your total service charge. This cost is capped to make sure you won’t have to pay more than £200, with a minimum annual fee of £20.

Management fee (freeholders, leaseholders and shared owners)

Instead of an administration fee, freeholders, leaseholders and shared owners are charged a management fee. This fixed fee covers site visits, dealing with queries and requests, managing contractors and their services, handling rent and service charge accounts, and calculating and setting service charge budgets.

Examination fee (leaseholders and shared owners)

The examination fee, which is only applicable to leaseholders and shared owners, is usually a legal requirement. It covers the cost of a professional agency reviewing and signing off income and expenditure actuals (which you receive later in the year).

External agents charge (for freeholders only)

Does your service charge estimate include an ‘External Agents Charge’? When A2Dominion is not the freeholder of your estate, you are responsible to appoint your own managing agent to take care of the external areas of your estate.

Your managing agent will charge us for this service, and it will be included in your service charge. Your service charge estimate will only include the total cost of the managing agent’s service.

If you would like a breakdown of costs or any further details, please call 0800 432 0077 and ask to speak to your Leasehold Income Officer or email leasehold@a2dominion.co.uk.

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