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The big picture: saving you from future costs


Over the next year, you may be paying more than expected towards lighting and electricity and access control because we’ve recently implemented big improvements in these areas. It may seem like a significant increase in the annual cost of these services, but we are making these changes so that our customers can save money in the long term.

You told us you weren’t happy with two of our service areas, access control, and lighting and electricity. Following this feedback, we have reviewed our services and identified a need for major improvements in these two areas.

Access control

Some of our older properties still have their original doors. These doors have deteriorated over time and therefore need to be repaired often. Customers have also reported that it is becoming easier for unwanted guests to enter their properties.

To combat this problem, we are replacing older doors with more robust ones. Not only will the new doors look better but they will also save costs in the future. By not having to send out contractors to repair our customers’ doors so frequently, our customers will save money in the long term. These new doors are expected to last for 10 to 15 years.

Lighting and electricity

After conducting inspections in many of our blocks, we have found instances where the maintenance of lighting systems is resulting in excessive costs. In these blocks, we are installing LED lighting, which will cut out the need for our contractors to change lamps in communal areas. LED lighting also uses less energy and therefore reduces electricity costs.

If your property is affected by this change, then the amount you see on your service charge estimate for lighting and electricity may be higher than you expected.

Installing the new system means you will be paying more for lighting and electricity this year. However, making this change will help to cut down on repairs and replacements, and therefore you will be saving money in the future.


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