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What does your fire safety charge cover?


You may see the charge ‘Fire Safety’ on your service charge estimate, but what exactly are you paying for?

The charge Fire Safety brings together the various ways we protect you from the risk of fire, such as emergency lifts and fire risk assessments.

Another way we protect your home against fire is through the use of compartmentation. This is when the building is divided into ‘cells’, which are constructed from materials such as fire walls and fire doors.

Compartmentation helps to prevent the spread of a fire by greatly slowing down the movement of fire within a building. In a recent fire in one of our buildings, compartmentation was one of the ways damage was minimised and mostly limited to one flat.

Compartmentation does not require as much maintenance as other equipment, but it will be affected over time. For example, as people frequently pass through fire doors, openings or weaknesses can occur. Left unattended, our customers would be at greater risk of harm from fire, and therefore we need to check compartmentation at certain periods to make sure it is still effective.

You also have your own part to play in fire safety. Propping fire doors open with other equipment will put you at greater risk, but by keeping corridors clear and only opening fire doors when needed, you can help to make your home and community a fire safe zone.

Fire fighting in action

Do you live in a big block of flats? If there’s a fire in your block, there are three parties who can together contribute to fighting a fire successfully:

You: If the fire’s in your flat, get out, warn your immediate neighbours, and call the fire brigade on 999. If there’s a fire in your building but not in your flat, stay in your flat until you’re told to leave.

The fire brigade: The fire brigade should arrive within 7-11 minutes. They’ll assess the situation and if they need to, they will evacuate the building.

A2Dominion: Our fire safety measures help to limit destruction. It takes around 60 minutes for a fire to spread from one compartment of the building to the next. Read more about compartmentation in this article.

Featured above: Romana from Acton, London.


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