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Digital Champions

What is a Digital Champion?

We are looking for ‘Digital Champions’ to help us deliver our Digital DIY scheme by teaching basic IT skills to those who are not regular computer users or find using a computer difficult. So if using a computer comes naturally to you and you enjoy helping others then this exciting opportunity could be for you.

You will help others get more confident using computers, allow them to connect with their family and friends, save money and learn where to get the information that matters most to them.

How will becoming a Digital Champion benefit me?

We are offering training through the scheme to help you become a Digital Champion and train people to use a computer. Volunteers will benefit by:

  • receiving free accredited training and support
  • learning how to support others
  • getting a feeling of great satisfaction!

We will also cover your travel expenses.

How can I find out more or become a Digital Champion?

To find out more about the Digital DIY scheme, click here.

To sign up to become a Digital Champion, email us: customer.services@a2dominion.co.uk

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