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Bursary awards

The bursary award provides grants of up to £300 to help you with your education, training and employment plans.

It is open to A2Dominion residents only.

What Is The Bursary Award Scheme?

Our bursary awards scheme provides young people with grants of up to £300 to help them buy basic equipment for education, training or employment. Some examples of what can be funded by a bursary include:

  • tools or equipment for a job or qualification, such as carpentry or hairdressing
  • travel costs for volunteering or work experience
  • course or training fees
  • license fees or public liability insurance, which protects you if your business injures someone or damages their property
  • clothes for an interview
  • childcare costs to help single parents complete short-term education courses
  • transport to and from a new job until your first pay day
  • IT equipment
  • course materials like books or stationery.
Who can apply?

The bursary awards scheme is open to all A2Dominion residents aged 14 to 24. We are keen to support young people who:

  • are supported by our care and support services, such as young parents
  • have a learning disability or difficulty
  • are not currently in employment, training or education.

Read the stories of A2Dominion residents Kai and Amy below to see how the bursary award helped them.

How to apply fo the bursary award

To be considered for a bursary award you will need to fill out a simple application form. Once you have filled out the form and sent it back to us, your application will be considered by an independent panel. If successful, we will either pay the relevant company or buy the goods on your behalf. The whole process should take between four and six weeks.

Case study: Kai's story


My name is Kai Watson and I am an A2Dominion resident.

Anybody who knows me knows that I have a love for Formula One, and that I hope to become a Formula One racing driver one day. I have watched the sport from the age of two until now and I love it!

To become a racing driver you first have to start competing as a go-kart driver. This requires you to do some practical and theory training first at a go-karting racing school, but this is very expensive. So you can imagine how excited I was when I read that A2Dominion were offering bursary fund awards to young people who needed help to fund a course they wanted to do.

All I had to do was to apply online (the form was really easy for me to fill out) then I just had to wait to see if my application was accepted. It was! This meant I was able to do my course, which consisted of five modules, at Daytona Racing School.

I had so much fun, made a lot of friends, and the best thing is that I passed my module course, so I can now enter the Daytona Inkart Championships.

I never thought I'd get the bursary award, but I'm so glad I applied. I am extremely excited to start the championship and I'd like to say a big “thank you” to A2Dominion for giving me a step up into my possible future career, and for believing in me.

Thanks A2Dominion.

Case study: Amy's story

These days having access to a computer or laptop is a necessity, especially as a lot of forms and payments have to be sent electronically. Because I am on a limited income I could not justify paying £160 to fix my broken laptop. I came across A2Dominion's Be Inspired scheme and after reading some information online I filled in a quick and simple form. I didn't expect to hear anything back but within weeks a member of staff had got in touch and A2Dominion awarded me a bursary which paid for the repair. Now thanks to A2Dominion I can search and apply online for part-time jobs and produce documents which I plan to use in my post-graduate studies. I don't have to go to internet cafes any more, which means I can provide uninterrupted care for my disabled mum and brother.

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