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Board & management

The A2Dominion Group employs 1,000 dedicated staff who provide services to more than 70,000 residents and managing almost 37,000 homes.

Our day-to-day operations are managed by the Group Chief Executive, Darrell Mercer, the Executive Management Team and Operational Management Team.

They report to the Group Board – led by Ian Cox, Chair – and to its five committees: Audit, Risk & Assurance, Governance & Remuneration, Treasury, and an executive-led Development & Property Panel.

Our Executive and Operational Management Teams seek to ensure that residents and neighbourhoods receive excellent, regionally-tailored services in their respective areas. They are supported by a network of local and regional offices, a customer contact centre and the Group’s central services – such as Communications & Policy, Finance, HR and IT – which are mainly delivered from The Point, A2Dominion’s head office in Paddington.

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